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The Stand Still Period is an installation composed of two wide fabrics frozen in space that was created for and showcased in the Holon Design Museum (2019), and later developed into a series of photographs that were featured in a booklet named The quality or State of Being Still.

The installation evolved from a feeling of creative numbness. A period of time which gave birth to thoughts of movement vs. stillness and facilitated the transformation of creative silence into inspiration. The prints portray this tension; the intuitive shapes are frozen in the midst of movement, all processes of expanding and shifting, swirling and transforming are paused. The feel of the almost see through textiles hanging frozen in space emphasize the suspense. The textile, fluid and tender in its essence, is fixed into position, locked in its settings. It calls the spectator to stop, stand still and view the transforming shapes and emotional prints. hopefully making one pause and allowing for a peaceful, serene moment in the midst of this hectic life.

A photoshoot portraying the endless distance between the two elements begins with the transformation of the scarves into static objects; sculptures frozen in space, static as porcelain or stone. The flexibility of the fabric is replaced by static sculpturesque feeling, a mirror image to classical sculptures portraying fabric. Now the images evolve into human monuments, scenes frozen in time, although enclosing living breathing figures the scene is static and feels lifeless, frozen. Finally, we encounter movement, inside out, fabric and figures become one. Dancing out the stillness, the emptiness, the stiffness, the fear.

Photograpger: Malkiela Ben Shabat

Models: Tamar & Niv Larido

The Stand Still Period

The Stand Still Period

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