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"My soul dwells in exile" is a collective journal of the Israeli diaspora. The texts, written by known writers alongside anonymous ones, are accompanied by illustrated textiles that undergo a transformation from a ritual-folkloric object to a symbolic-transitional object.

In 2019, the project evolved into a video art in a collaboration with Israeli Artist and creator, Rotem Gridish, and was showcased alongside the book in textiles in various venues.

Recipient of the 2016 Shastovitch Prize for Israeli Design; Participated in the InPrint book fair (2019-2021); Presented in Gallery 6, Jerusalem (2019); Presented  at Holon Design Museum (2019); Sold in various book stores in Tel-Aviv.

Photography by: Yotam Menda-Levi.

Models: Shir Shalev & Niv Larido.

My Soul Dwells in Exile

My Soul Dwells in Exile

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