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I Imagined Much More explores techniques of mapping a city in a data driven world which attempts to maximize positive experiences and to avoid disappointments. James Corner stated that ״The function of mapping is less to mirror reality than to engender the re-shaping of the worlds in which people live”. In such a world it becomes harder to experience unbiased interactions with new places, as we arrive already equipped with pre-consumed knowledge and judgment of others, in an attempt to avoid any misfit.

In my work, I tried to create an impartial first acquaintance with a space, or to facilitate a fresh look on a known one. By using randomized direction prompts I tried to neutralize any external influences and prejudice. This point of view asks to fracture existing hierarchies dividing places and experiences into good/bad, or high/low dichotomies. By disengaging from common definitions that declare one site as a tourist attraction and another as an anonymous street corner, I tried to identify the aesthetic and interactive potential in every part of the city.

The name of the work is taken from a google maps site review. It poetically expresses the limitations of our current mapping systems, showing that the pre-meditated actually creates disappointment, while also hinting towards the creative power of our imagination.

I Imagined Much More #01
Digital Printing on Textile, Copper, Paper
800 cm x 150 cm

I Imagined Much More #02

Digital Printing on Textile, Copper, Paper
400 cm x 150 cm

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Fabric, Metal, Sponge, Paper
120 cm x 40 cm

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I Imagined Much More

I Imagined Much More

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