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Poster Design for Gibberish Posters Exhibition. Curated by Avraham Cornfeld for Alef Alef Alef. Exhibitted in Jaffa, 2023.

About the exhibition:

"Gibberish is a phrase that denotes a meaningless sequence of letters and words, and is essentially the first language of all children worldwide. At a time when every message must be clear, concise and unambiguous, we wanted to revert to a time before speech, to mumbling, to plays on words and the freedom of senselessness.

In the exhibition, we invited a range of designers and artists to design a new garbled Hebrew language. To select one or more letters that would then be used to display a new perspective on the concept of gibberish. The artists come from the broad spectrum of visual communication: graphic design, calligraphy, photography, illustration, etc. Each of the works presents their unique perspective on gibberish, and particularly on language and communication."

More on the Exhibition



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