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Book design for Progression to the Unknown: Design for Agency (Thesis Project, 2023).


The act of design constructs content in defined paths. Through conventional tools, the designer’s role is to guide behaviour towards defined goals of people of interest. Notwithstanding, in my research-through-design project, “progression to the unknown”, I examined whether graphic design could endow an original, creative perspective as a standpoint to act? People encountered an installed whiteboard with conventional graphical codes, such as grids, numerical symbols and arrows, set unconventionally, i.e. serving no definite, overt or covert, purpose. Then, they were invited to engage by putting stickers where and how they saw fit, allowing them to interpret these known conventions in their own creative way. Importantly, each individual was exposed to stickers of previous participants, resulting in a collaborative creative process that evolves according to the participants themselves. This work resulted in various creative behavioural patterns of engagement that I plan to present, demonstrating how design could nevertheless endow agency, creativity and critical thinking.    

Design for Agency

Design for Agency

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